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Teste de Nivelamento AVANÇADO

My family ____ thinking of moving to Birmingham.
We watched a ____ on TV lasl night.
He was wearing ____ riding boots.
____ he gets, ____
It’s ____ if you take the train.
He____ very annoying.
That ____ be Roger at the door – it’s too early.
At last, after three days, they ____ get to the top of the mountain.
It was crazy to drive like that. You ____ killed somebody.
I wonder if John ____ this evening.
Who ____ you that ring?
He ____ quite different since he ____ married.
This is the first time I ____ a sports car.
On her birthday ____
We can’t use the sports hall yet because it ____
l look forward ____ you soon.
If you have trouble going to sleep, try ____ a glass of milk before bedtime.
This is my friend Joe. I ____ met, have you?
How ____!
Which of these sentences are correct in spoken English?
Nobody phoned, did ____?
If you were ever in trouble, l would give you all the help you ____.
My wife will be upset ____.
Tell me at once ____ Margaret arrives.
It’s time you ____ home, but I’d rather you ____ here.
I wish I ____ more time.
John Hastings ____ has just come to live in our street.
She keeps tapping her fingers,____ gets on my nerves.
Can you finish the job ____ Friday?
There’s a supermarket ____ our house.

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