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Teste de Nivelamento BÁSICO

They’re ____ young to get married.
What time did you arrive ____ the station?
Who are ____ people over there?
____ a hole in my sock.
I ____ she ____ you.
Is Diana ____?
There aren’t ____ for everybody.
You ____ worry about it.
Is this coat ____?
This is ____ winter for 20 years.
We’re going ____ the opera tomorrow night.
What ____?
Why ____?
Most ____ like travelling.
It’s ____ weather.
It ____ again. It ____ all the time here in the winter.
She´s ____ university teacher.
I didn’t ____ he was at home.
I’ll see you ____ Tuesday afternoon.
Ann and Peter phone ____ every day.
Could I have ____ drink?
She’s much taller ____ me.
I like ____ small animals.
Who ____ the window?
____ is your phone number?
The plural of car is cars. Which of these are correct plurals?
He lives in the same street ____ me.
Her eyes ____ a very light blue.
Which of these is/are correct?
____ help me?

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