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Teste de Nivelamento INTERMEDIÁRIO

I went out without ____ money.
He’s got ____ money.
‘Who’s there?’ “____”
Although he felt very ____, he smiled ____.
I ____ to America.
My mother ____ my birthday.
You look ____ a teacher.
How many brothers and sisters ____?
Good! I ____ work tomorrow.
I ____ smoke.
Andrew ____ to see us this evening.
Alice ____ have a baby.
I knew that he ____ waiting for somebody.
____ Gloria last week?
She’s an old friend – I ____ her ____ years.
We met when we ____ in France.
As soon as she came in I knew I ____ her before.
This picture ____ by a friend of my mother.
Can you ____ ?
Try ____ be late.
I went to london ____ clothes.
You can’t live very long without ____.
I enjoy ____, but I wouldn’t like ____ it all my life.
Her parents don’t want ____ married.
I’m not sure what ____
The policeman ____ me not to park there.
I____ you if you ____ that again.
It would be nice if we ____ a bit more room.
If you ____ me, I ____ in real trouble last year.
There’s the man ____ took your coat.

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